Psychic Readings  |  Soul Guidance  |  Mindset + Manifest Mentoring

What is a PSYCHIC reading, SOUL GUIDANCE, and Mindset + ManifesT MentorING like with Lindsay?

An intuitive session with Lindsay will give you information about yourself and where to go next on your unique journey. Some areas we will cover may include:

  • What you came here as a soul in this lifetime to work on letting go, learning more of, and creating for yourself and the world around you.
  • Give you clarity about why something or someone showed up in your life or is showing up now. And help you gain the insight you need to understand why for your growth/evolving.
  • Helping you gain insights on karma and how this can be affecting your past, present, and future.
  • A snapshot of where you are headed based on where your energy is right now. Helping you gain clarity on keeping on track with your goals; so you do not take journey detours.

Giving you insights on people in your life and relationships, from past, present, and future, helping you to break the karma cycle of the recurring loop of lessons that continue to show up. We sign contracts before we come not only with our own souls but also with other souls to help us learn and evolve. We help each other gain the experiences we came here for. All is love on the other side.

The pattern = what you need to learn + person = showing up to gives you the opportunity to close the learned behavior door. 

VICTORY, you get to move on to a NEW challenge. Life is fun! 

If you remember this one, you will always be grateful for the experiences, and it’s difficult to remain resentful towards someone or a situation. You learn to go with the flow of life because you learn to see everything as energy for your evolving. Letting go is where you find love.

We will identify where you may have imbalances in your chakras (energy centers located in the spine). We hold energy here linked to different emotions. When we hold onto unhealthy emotions such as; shame, guilt, grief, resentment, not feeling like enough, lack of confidence, self-sabotage, and jealousy, we can have pain and disease in our bodies. In addition, these emotions can cause blockage of you being able to move forward and manifest the life you desire.

Gain clarity of what your life journey and purpose is. I empower you to find the void so that the gaps can be filled in with self-love.

I will use various tools (please note: I use what I feel necessary during the session – not all may be used). The tools I use include: intuition (psychic ability of clear knowing, clear seeing, clear feeling), medical intuition, tarot and oracle card reading, energy channeling from light begins and angels, guide communication, numerology, and astrology.

My sessions include intuitive reading, but also we will discuss life structuring, coaching, and soul healing. I am an intuitive channel, but I also am a soul life coach with extensive education and years of clinical experience in alternative natural medicine focusing on women’s health, hormones, fertility, emotional healing, and pain management and clearing.