Intuitive Healing & Readings

Have you been interested in digging deeper and learning more about your journey? Lindsay is here to guide you on your journey with Intuitive Healing & Readings. Lindsay is the EXPERT VISIONARY to YOUR WELLNESS! 

What is Intuitive Healing & ReadingsIntuitive Healing & Readings is “clear vision, clear knowing, and clear feeling” to be able to see, sense, and feel where you need healing within your energy fields; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How can Intuitive Healing & Readings help you? Lindsay uses her intuitive gifts to tap into your energy field, and discover what may be holding you back from your true-authentic-self, where energy is stuck and needs to be cleared (i.e. pain, sleep issues, emotional pain, anxiety, etc.), help you discover and define your life purpose, and get you to feeling your best! This is a great way to look deeper and find answers to empower and inspire you! 

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Intuitive Reiki Healing is a great way to heal energy, relax, and tune in at a deeper level to what your body and energy need. Also nice to add onto an Acupuncture session! What is Reiki Healing and how can it help you in your healing process? Reiki is a healing practice of channeling universal energy through the hands. This form of alternative healing is used to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Why is Reiki Healing at Wellbody Chicago different? Lindsay is Intuitive and has the gift of “clear seeing and clearing feeling/knowing” to visualize and feel where your energy is off – also known as chakras; which are the energy centers located in your spine that ground you, connect you to the earth, higher-selves, the universal energy grid, and beyond. Let us help you heal at a deeper level!